Friday, August 21, 2009

golden rods hum

today kcai's orientation sent out the freshman class to do volunteer work in the community. they sent me out in a group to a native plant rain garden.

the garden was designed to absorb pollutants out of water run off to keep it from the creek that ran at the bottom of the garden.

i like the feeling of being dirty while you sweat, and i guess i don't know why either of those things appeal to me. i saw a pieridae sulphur butterfly with bright green eyes and pink legs and splots on it's wings and a few burly dragonflies and a lot of beautiful honey bees. i saw one bee that if i've ever seen before i don't know where that was all blacks and greys. like if a honey bee was in an old movie.

we found a homeless persons belongings and someone made a joke about how they wished their living room was a garden, and it reminded me of when they shot down the wendy bird in peter pan and the lost boys made her a house of flowers to live in until she was better.

also my grandma alice has been having multiple minor strokes and i'm really worried about her. i guess it hasn't hit me that she's never going to be the same person again because of it. i'd like to go and see her soon...

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